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There is no place like home for your pets

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Dog Walking and Overnight Pet Sitting

Private Good Manners Training

Loving care for your dogs and cats

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What my clients say about me...

Professional, experienced, loving, understands animals, knowledgeable, responsible, conscientious, thoughtful, kind,

caring, patient, attentive, thorough, dependable, reliable,

and very reasonable rates

(considering education, experience, training)

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

For Hadley, Amherst, Sunderland, South Deerfield


Do you work long hours?

Have errands to run after work?

A puppy who just can't "hold it" all day?

Going on a day trip or to an all day event?

If your pet is inside all day without relief...

Let me give your pet some mid-day love and attention


  Playtime            Belly rubs and ear scratches           Let out or walk

                       Treat or feed         Practice good manners               Fresh water

                        Meds                             Enrichment                         Daily notes

Lots of love and attention

*** First visit is FREE to meet you and your pets ***


for your dogs and cats

1/2 hour visit  $15           45 minutes  $20           1 hour visit  $25

There is a $5 charge per visit outside the 8 mile radius

Holiday visits add $5 per visit

Please note: Holidays fill up quickly. Please book as early as possible.

Planning a vacation?

Benefits of keeping your pets in their own home while you are away:

Eliminates the stress and anxiety of a noisy, small, unfamiliar environment.

Peace of mind knowing your pet is happy at home having loving, caring, one on one attention, on his schedule.

Overnight Pet and House Sitting

$50 a night (12 hours)


I can do multiple 1/2 hour visits a day at $15 each

Does your pet sleep with you at night?

You may need overnight visits

Loving care for your pets with lots of playtime, cuddles and interaction.

Keep your pets happy and relaxed in your home while you are away.

Overnight Pet Care in your home also includes:

Retrieving your mail and paper, opening and closing blinds,

having appropriate lights on, watering plants,

making your home looked lived in.

(additional daytime visits, normal rates apply)

There is a $5 charge per visit outside the 8 mile radius

Please note:  Holidays fill up quickly. Please book as early as possible.

Does your dog need to learn some manners?

Private Good Manners Training

Using Positive Reinforcement Methods

$25 an hour in-your-home

There is a $5 charge per visit outside the 8 mile radius

Training for:

Ringing Bells to go out, getting reliable sits, how to curb jumping, house (potty) training,

tips for draining excess energy, puppy proofing your house, counter surfers,

greeting people politely at the door, walking nicely on leash.

Get your dog to focus on you, and learn leave it too.

When you and your dog are ready we can do a Real Life field trip

Get everyone in your home on the same page              

For pets that are happier and more relaxed

after having loving human interaction

while you are away...

and Private Good Manners Training

Call Laura Kokoski (413) 549-4009

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